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“What in the World is a Farva?”

April 12th, 2016 by Kasey Fox | 1 Comment
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It was destiny – Farva + Kasey 4Ever!

This Island Times blog entry is the first in a series of personal essays illustrating how SeaTrek BVI and NAUI have impacted Kasey Fox, former SeaTrek student and intern, who is now a full time staff member, dive instructor and instructor trainer. We thank Kasey for this insightful and heartfelt look into her experience with SeaTrek BVI and NAUI.

“Please secure your seatbelts. We are experiencing some mild turbulence,” the flight attendant calmly voiced over the intercom. Mine was already fastened, but I cinched it down tighter. You couldn’t blame me, this was my first time traveling alone, and I found myself aboard an aircraft that resembled something you might find in Indiana Jones. I looked out the window to see nothing but pitch black ocean. Traveling all the way from Colorado meant that I was in the last bunch of students arriving for my SeaTrek voyage –  at the fine hour of 11:00 pm.

Then, out of nowhere appeared a large green lump scattered with lights, and there it was, the BVI’s largest island of Tortola. The plane clattered to a landing, and we departed with a SeaTrek staff member whom we met in San Juan. After an interesting first time experience clearing customs, we hired a taxi and arrived at the Moorings Marina. A wave of relief filled my body. After a long day of traveling, I could finally go to bed.

Living the Island Life!

Living the Island Life!

We arrived at the boats, and a girl asked me for various things (phone, money passport, etc.). As I scrambled through my bag to find the requested items, a tall guy introduced himself. “H
i, I’m Farva! You’re on my boat!” He looked me up and down and said, “Hmmm…I think an extra small BCD will be good for you!” What was this guy talking about? First of all, what kind of name is Farva and what in the world is a BCD?!? And how is this guy so enthusiastic at 11:30 at night? Great, I get to spend three weeks with this guy…

Flash forward six years….and here I am. I find myself itching to get back down to the BVIs. On the night of my arrival that first summer, I often contemplated what I was doing. I missed my mom, my dog, and my friends, but after two short days aboard SeaTrek Explorer I knew that I was going to be with this the SeaTrek program for a while.

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If you know these 3, no caption needed!

Remember Farva? The over enthusiastic dude I was weirded out by? Well, he is now one of my best friends. Not only did I make friends who understand me like no one else, I achieved endless goals and acquired countless new skills. In my six years working with SeaTrek and developing as a NAUI diver, I earned my Divemaster certification, Instructor certification, and became an Instructor Trainer (Instructor who teaches new instructors). I became a confident sailor, first mate, marine biology teacher, and leader. That first SeaTrek summer I showed up as an unsure teenager simply looking for some fun and adventure, but what resulted was more than I could have ever imagined.

If you want to see where this awesome SeaTrek/NAUI story leads, keep an eye out for my next blog where I share the experience of my FATHOMS science voyage and earning my NAUI Rescue and Master Diver certifications. 🙂 🙂

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  1. Angie Cowan says:

    Great blog, Kasey! Can’t wait to read the whole series 🙂 🙂

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