Pay It Shoreward

Giving back has never been so rewarding!

Pay it Shoreward is SeaTrek’s on-going effort to give back to the educational, research, and island communities with which we interact and collaborate.

Paying it Shoreward in the Islands:
Student Service & Research Projects

Guided by professional marine biologists and local experts, SeaTrek students participate in a variety of engaging service learning and research projects that center around the exploration of the unique tropical environments that make up the Virgin Islands. These project options afford participants a variety of authentic, hands-on learning experiences designed to enhance both their content knowledge and skill sets related to experiential marine science education and conservation.

Directly and indirectly, the time and effort that SeaTrek students put forth in these projects aids numerous local, regional and international organizations in fulfilling several objectives, including the conservation of marine ecosystems for their recreational, commercial, and intrinsic value. To find out more about Pay it Shoreward Service and Research Projects, please visit our Marine Science page and follow the links below.

  • Community Service & Academic Credit: REEF (Fish Surveys); Reef Guardians (Invasive Lionfish Surveys & Removal); BVI Conservation & Fisheries Department and Association of Reef Keepers (Turtle Surveys & Tagging, Coral Reef Monitoring); Reef Check (Coral Reef Monitoring); Beach Cleanups
  • Outreach & Education: Jost Van Dykes Preservation Society (scientific monitoring, environmental education, and conservation efforts for the terrestrial and aquatic habitats of JVD and the surrounding islands)

Paying it Shoreward in the Islands:
Island Community Scholarships & Donations

Give a little or give a lot. Sometimes a little is a lot! SeaTrek’s Pay it Shoreward in the Islands donations range from pantry food items and fleece blankets to brand new dive gear and full program scholarships. We try to give back to the people of the islands as much as we can. They open their homeland for us to explore and learn, and we want to give our students the opportunity to reciprocate in kind, should they wish to participate. We believe a little effort on our part is the least we can do and that’s why all SeaTrek programs offer the optional opportunity for our students to commit a small portion of time and effort to the SeaTrek Pay it Shoreward program. To find out more about our Pay it Shoreward Scholarships & Donations or how you can make a contribution, please contact Capt. Monk and refer to the information below.

  • Jost Van Dykes Preservation Society: For the past several years, SeaTrek has worked hard to provide new and used scuba gear, as well as program scholarships for local JVD students. These efforts have helped build capacity within the Preservation Society, allowing them to conduct their own scuba training and coral reef monitoring programs.
  • Island Orphanage and Girl Scouts: After each voyage we do our best to donate new and barely used goods to BVI families in need. These donations include time, money, food, clothing, blankets, and home goods.

Paying it Shoreward Back at Home:
Local Community Scholarships & Donations

SeaTrek’s Pay it Shoreward Back at Home donations range from branded dry bags and other SeaTrek gear to partial and full program scholarships. We try to give back to the people in our local communities as much as we can, especially those land-locked students who never imagined that they could do something like SeaTrek. We have a Scholarship Fund that SeaTrek families regularly contribute to so that we can help kids in need pursue their dreams and passion for the ocean. To find out more about our Pay it Shoreward Scholarships & Donations, or how you can make a contribution, please contact Capt. Monk and refer to the information below.

  • SeaTrek Alumni and FATHOMS Scholarships: Several of these $500 scholarships are awarded annually to support students who need that little extra assistance to attend one of our Main Program or FATHOMS
  • St. Robert Elementary School: Every year SeaTrek awards one full and one half tuition scholarship to students in the 8thgrade class. Applicants must research and present and ecology-related topic relevant to the British Virgin Islands.
  • Miami-Dade County Boys & Girls Club: Each year we provide a full scholarship that is auctioned off to support the Dade County Boys & Girls Club.

*** N E W S  F L A S H ***

SeaTrek would like to announce its latest venture in Paying it Shoreward. In 2018, we created a not-for-profit branch of SeaTrek called Sea Giving: Give and Sea Change! We have obtained our 501(c) 3 status so that your contributions can be tax-deductible. We are hopeful that Sea Giving will afford us the opportunity to grow our fundraising, scholarship, research, education and outreach efforts, both at home in the U.S. and throughout the Caribbean. To find out more about Sea Giving or how you can contribute, please contact Capt. Monk. We welcome your support – time, expertise, or financial. We are currently working to get the Sea Giving website up and running so please stay tuned to our website and social media sites to find out more!

At SeaTrek we are continuously striving to have less of a negative impact and more of a positive one on the tropical marine environment we enjoy so much during the summer. That’s why we have begun a partnership with, an eco-conscious company that has formulated biodegradable sunscreen and body care products that reduce the impact cosmetic ingredients have on our planet’s waters, including the coral reefs that are our summer playground.

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We all need to do our part to protect the ocean and waterways that we enjoy and depend upon. Supporting Stream2Sea products and learning more through SeaTrek BVI is a great first step.

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