Camper Testimonials

SeaTrek’s FATHOMS program is more than simply learning about the oceans; it’s submerging yourself into every aspect the ocean has to offer. I had always planned to be a marine biologist, and FATHOMS gave me the opportunity to see firsthand what that truly means. Through FATHOMS, I was able to make lifelong friendships and connections with people that share the same love I have for the ocean. My passion and knowledge of the oceans has expanded tremendously thanks to FATHOMS and all the staff that made it possible.

-Madison H., Corpus Christi, Texas

When I got the chance to go on this amazing SeaTrek adventure, I had no idea that I would learn so much and get to know such inspiring people! Every day was filled with excitement and I would return without even needing to think! I have definitely made lifelong friends, and I recommend it to anyone wanting to have fun!

-Luisa D., Chicago, IL

SeaTrek was a wonderful learning experience that tied together pervious knowledge from school and used it in the real world. This fantastic experience gave me an opportunity to use that knowledge in multiple community service projects. SeaTrek was unforgettable!

-Jennifer H., Issaquah, WA

It was a great experience to make a special connection to the BVI—to go beyond being a tourist. It was really cool to learn from BVI students and community members and get to know them better. We started to see how the reef is not just a tourist resource. It is important for their culture and livelihood. As tourists we are a part of the problem that threatens the reef and other coastal resources in the BVI. But if we learn more about our impact, we can change our behavior and be part of the solution.

-Maya A., Evanston, IL

We got to delve deeper into marine biology and BVI culture, in comparison to other summer diving/sailing/science programs. It was really interesting to learn about something and then go there and learn about it by seeing it for yourself. It makes it so that it will stick in your brain so much better. It was interesting to incorporate learning about marine ecology with the culture and history of the BVI.

-Emily W., Lexington, MA

I have spent five summers with SeaTrek! It feels like I’ve grown up with SeaTrek. Last year I was an intern, and it felt so great to be back at my home away from home! I think SeaTrek is an incredible place that allows its participants to learn more about themselves, the ocean, diving, and being a leader. After five years, I fully believe that SeaTrek has helped me become independent and confident in so many things like sailing, diving, and living on a boat with others! Everybody I have known from the summers have all been awesome people and have taken away something different each year. The staff has always been able to excite students and help them realize how cool marine biology and the ocean are – that is one of my favorite parts.

-Jenna S., Short Hills, NJ

SeaTrek has made the past four years the most memorable and incredible summers of my life. The program takes students on a remarkable journey exploring the British Virgin Islands, the excitement of scuba diving and sailing, and most importantly the exploration of oneself. I have been with the program for four years and the staff has helped me to grow as an individual through my years as a student and an intern. SeaTrek is my home away from home and I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to attend and have worked for this incredible program. Thanks to the staff and the entire program, my life has a new passion and direction and I highly recommend SeaTrek to anyone who is ready to learn about themselves and explore new worlds, especially scuba, sailing and marine science. If you are ready to be inspired, then join the SeaTrek family today.

Nicole P., Princeton Junction, NJ

I can honestly say that being a camper/student at SeaTrek BVI strongly impacted my life. I am from a very tiny, dusty town in New Mexico; NM scores very low (second to last place) and the number of people living in poverty is very high. Thus, finding this program presented me with a possibility I never even dreamed of because I didn’t think it would be possible. Captain Monk and Kat really worked with me to ensure I would be able to participate, even though I was pretty last minute and struggling financially. I was also worried that I was “too old” because I was 19 and some of the instructors were the same age as me. However, I never felt out of place and I found out that age doesn’t matter because everyone there is a student and a teacher. I had never even been on a boat before coming to SeaTrek BVI. Now on field trips we take to lakes for my courses in college, I manage driving our boat, making the knots, etc. I think that having experience with SeaTrek BVI gives me leverage when applying for graduate schools and jobs because it makes me stand out. Some other skills that I have gained are the ability to think fast, how to be a genuinely hard worker (which has made me into a great graduate student), and how to be a positive and optimistic person, and improvise when things don’t go as planned.

-Sabrina M., Carlsbad, NM

Without a doubt, SeaTrek camps have been the BEST EXPERIENCES OF MY LIFE! I learned so much, made so many friends, and gained valuable skills. The camps also helped me affirm that I should pursue my dream of a career in marine science, and gave me an introduction as to what that kind of career would be like. Oh, and besides preparing me for my future career, did I mention that SeaTrek was just all around FUN? I couldn’t have asked for a better summer camp, and I can’t think of a single criticism of SeaTrek and its amazing staff.

-Ally M., Pinconning, MI

There is no other way I would rather spend my summer!! Since my first voyage almost four years ago Sea Trek has felt like home, I have met amazing people, and have had great experiences, I can’t help but keep going back!

-Andrea C., San Juan, PR

SeaTrek is the trip you don’t want to miss out on! So many opportunities to live and grow in an amazing environment. Some of the greatest, most kind-hearted staff provide the best experience possible to its campers! I would strongly suggest SeaTrek to anybody looking for a summer they never want to forget 🙂

 -Caitlyn B., Sanford, FL

Seatrek has introduced me to so many wonderful people and has taught me so much. So lucky to have this experience.

-Lilah W.,  Pittsburg, PA

Perhaps the most fantastic experience I’ve had. If you appreciate great people, awesome places, and the ocean, this is where you should be.

-Dakota F.,Westwood, MA

This was by far the coolest most amazing experience. I learned so much and gained so much knowledge. I definitely recommend this trip to ANYBODY! Love the staff and have built great friendships here!

-Mary Kathryn W., Kathleen, GA

The program that SeaTrek has created called FATHOMS is not only a great opportunity to improve your diving skills but to also enhance your learning in the marine science field. I personally spent both summers with SeaTrek on the FATHOMS voyage and wouldn’t change a thing. We learned about things that I didn’t even know existed! FATHOMS not only introduced me to new aspects of marine science but also encouraged me to further my knowledge in the certain things that interested me. Especially the yellowhead jawfish, which is now my favorite ocean creature! Once again FATHOMS is an amazing program for all ages and I strongly recommend it…

-Carson C., Argyle, TX

Best experience I have ever had with a summer camp. I highly recommend it to anyone.

-Alex B., Bartlett, TN

SeaTrek was one of the best times of my life. I highly recommend it!

-Rachael F.,North Port, FL

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