Water Sports

We know you like to go FAST!

No matter how hard we’ve been working during our dive classes or yachting, we always make time to roll out the water sports boats and water toys. Each yacht has a dedicated water sports boat in tow so your child can be assured of plenty of opportunities to participate in water sports if he/she chooses. We provide a wide range of water sports equipment, including kayaks, kneeboards, wakeboards, tubes and stand up paddle boards (SUP). “Power snorkeling“ is another very popular activity for those students participating in our Turtle Tagging & Monitoring program. To find the turtles, students hold onto a ski rope and get towed behind one of our dinghies or fast boats. It’s a fun – and quick – way to see a lot of the reef and anchorage. We can even set up the rope swing off the boom for a little extra adventure at the end of the day. At SeaTrek, we don’t just TELL you that we do water sports – We DO water sports!

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