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All our adventure camps include scuba diving and learning to sail on a yacht. There are many opportunities to learn about marine science in the British Virgin Islands. You will have times on the beach to hang out with other campers.

Note: Boats are separated by age (except for Set Sail & FATHOMS). Your level of scuba diving experience will determine which Trek you will be on. The dates you attend SeaTrek will determine which Voyage you will be on.


Three Week (21-Day) Voyages
(Boats separated by age)
Two Week (14-Day) Voyages
(Boats separated by age)
Explorer Voyages

***Discounts and credits apply to BVI-based voyages/programs only.

While the friendly crew of SeaTrek Ltd. will do everything possible to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of information on this website, we will not be responsible for errors which may occur, and information may be subject to change at any time without notice.

** Registration and insurance fees payable to the National Association of Underwater Instructors are not included in your tuition. Participation in these programs does not guarantee certification.

***Discounts and credits listed below apply to BVI-based voyages/programs only.

Receive $200 towards your tuition if you refer a friend and they sign up for a SeaTrek voyage!

If you sign up for more than one voyage or more than one family member this year you receive a 5% discount on each voyage!

Due to an increasing demand by families for access to images online during camp and the costs associated with providing this service, a $25.00 Media fee will automatically be applied to all registrations.

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