Shore Time


One of the most common questions we get asked is how often our students get to go ashore. Technically, the answer is just about every day. This is because we make sure to be at anchor or moored well before dinner every day, allowing our students time for recreation, which includes time ashore if they want. When we are not in port, students can swim or drive the dinghy to shore to explore, beach comb, play beach games, or just relax and hang out with their fellow SeaTrekkers and our staff.

We also schedule shore time for science presentations and when we need to get provisions, fuel, and water, which occurs about every three to four days. Given our location in the British Virgin Islands, we are conveniently never more than an hour or two away from one of our ports of call. Located on several different islands, these ports are diverse, and each offers its own unique variety of activities, shops, restaurants, and fun.

Students are encouraged to enjoy their shore time and explore the island culture. Before entering a new port, we make sure to brief students about rules, safety, and etiquette. Staff members are assigned to monitor our students and be an active and visual presence while ashore.

Just ask any of our former students and staff members and they will all agree that shore time provides some of the most fun and memorable moments during their SeaTrek voyage. It’s a time to grab a snack or soda, sit around a table with new and old friends, give a call to mom and dad, buy some souvenirs, and just relax and take in the amazing journey and environment that is SeaTrek BVI.

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