NAUI™ Underwater Photography Certification

The underwater environment in the Caribbean presents divers with scenes of breathtaking beauty with wild and curious creatures that amaze and fascinate. How can you possibly remember each one unless you bring them back through photography? What? You don’t know anything about underwater photography and you don’t even own an underwater camera? Solution! Take an introductory underwater photography course while voyaging with SeaTrek!

In SeaTrek’s NAUI™ Underwater Photography Certification* course taught by our own Captain Jones you will be instructed in:

  • Fundamentals of photography
  • Equipment use and maintenance
  • Skills and techniques of underwater photography
  • Lighting tips
  • Underwater photo problems and how to solve them
  • And much, much more!

Let SeaTrek help you become a safe, skilled and NAUI certified underwater photographer!

*This course is optional and offered at an additional cost of $200. To sign up, please click the “NAUI Underwater Photography Certification” option on the first page of registration when you sign up for your voyage and it will automatically be added to your tuition.

Gear Required:

We provide cameras for course participants that can be borrowed at no extra cost for this course, but you may bring your own quality underwater camera if you have one and want to be responsible for it. To participate, you will need to bring a 2GB standard-size SD memory card.

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