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Preparing for your SeaTrek Voyage: Tips and Tricks

June 1st, 2016 by Kasey Fox | 1 Comment

Hi, everyone it’s Kuku (aka. Kasey) again. If you have been keeping up with the Island Times blog you have been hearing a lot from me lately! But I’m not here to talk about my story this time. I’m here giving you some tips and trick to prepare for you SeaTrek voyage. Over the years I have accumulated some helpful information to ensure you are fully prepared for summer…check out my Top Ten List below. You can find out more on our website’s FAQ and Know Before You Go pages.


KuKu’s Top Ten SeaTrek Summer Prep Tips and Tricks

  1. Check Your Passport

Ok, first things first. This may seem like a no brainier, but this is coming strictly from personal experience. Drop everything you are doing, and go make sure that your passport is up to date. Yeah, yeah I know seems ridiculous, but save yourself having to get an expedited passport two days before you leave, and just check!

  1. Pack Light

You know that a packing list that is provided, right? Stick to it. I am an over packer by nature. I like to have options! But trust me, the packing list is just enough options. If you are an over packer, I have a special method that really helps. Lay out everything you want to bring one or two weeks in advance. Go back every day and remove one item. I mean, do you really need the same tank top in 5 different colors? Not only does this help you limit what you bring, but it also helps you to ensure you didn’t forget anything! Capt. Monk emails you the SeaTrek packing list when you register.

  1. Take Your Snorkel/Dive Gear For A Spin

Just bought new mask, fins and snorkel? Jump in a pool and test them out! You don’t want to get down to the BVI with a leaky mask or fins that rub or make your feet cramp. Getting in the pool to make sure your gear works can save you some serious trouble. TIP: If you have a new mask, rub toothpaste on the inside of the glass and leave overnight and then wash off. This will help to prevent it from fogging up.

  1. Stay Organized

There are a couple important pieces of paper work you need to have once you arrive in the BVI. I suggest getting a folder and putting your passport, airline ticket, DAN insurance, emergency money, etc. all in one place.

  1. Bring A Hoodie

If you plan on sleeping outside at night, the breeze can get a little chilly. Sleeping under the stars is amazing, but it can be nice to have a sweatshirt with a hood to keep you warm! The tropics can be surprisingly cool at times.

  1. Bring Cash

It is suggested that you bring around $100 per week. Sometimes students will bring prepaid travel cards or a debit card, but most places only take cash – and often only small bills, like $20s! Also ATMs are hard to come by, and often have a really expensive fee. Stick with cash, and if you are worried about loosing it, don’t worry we can help you keep track of it by serving as your “bank.”

  1. No Need To Invest In An International Phone Plan

Seriously, don’t do it. Most ports we go to have free Wifi where you can easily get in contact with your family. We also have phones you can use to call home when in port. We can sell you phone cards for $10/10 minutes, which is a pretty good international rate.

  1. Take Care of Your Skin: Sunscreen and Gold Bond!

You will be in and out of the water and sun all day long, which is a GREAT thing… But, you must make sure to take care of and protect your skin – both from the sun and the moisture of the Tropics. We recommend SPF 30+ sunscreen (eco-friendly preferred) and Gold Bond powder to keep you protected and comfortable.

  1. Wear Your Provided SeaTrek T-Shirt On Arrival Day

This makes it so much easier for us to find you and for you to connect with other SeaTrekkers and have a travel buddy! Please wear your provided SeaTrek shirt. Thanks 🙂

  1. Finish Your Scuba Course Workbooks And Bring Them With You!

Ok this one is a MUST. Don’t show up to the BVI without your workbook fully completed. If you skip a question here and there because you can’t find the answer that is OK, just make sure to ask you Instructor about it when classes start. If you do not have this completed you will have to spend your free time working on this. Nothing is worse than reading and filling out questions while your friends are snorkeling, wakeboarding, tubing, or turtle tagging. GET IT DONE!

That’s all I have for now! If you have any questions, email me or Capt. Monk or leave a comment below. If you are a SeaTrek veteran and can think of any tips I missed make sure to share in the comments!

Looking forward to voyaging with you soon!

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  1. Angie says:

    Great Tips! Thanks, Kuku 🙂 I especially like the ones about the Hoodie and the sunscreen and powder!!!

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