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Preparing for my ShIP Internship with SeaTrek BVI

March 25th, 2016 by Christian Kendler | 1 Comment

This Island Times blog entry is part of a series of personal essays illustrating how SeaTrek has impacted the lives of our students and staff. We thank Christian Kendler, former student, ShIP intern and staff member, for this insightful look into his experience with SeaTrek BVI.


Christian experiencing the critters of the Caribbean!

My name is Christian Kendler. I am sixteen years old, and I have been with SeaTrek BVI for three years. This upcoming year will be my fourth year, but my first year as an intern for SeaTrek. Of course, I am aware that being an intern will be physically and mentally demanding, but I know that I’m up for the challenge. As an intern I am looking forward to finally be working as a staff member instead of as a student. I am also looking forward to teaching other students at SeaTrek.

As a first year intern at SeaTrek, we are given many tasks that we must do. And these tasks begin now – in the off season – so that we can be as prepared as possible for our jobs this summer. This time, we were all assigned to review the new SeaTrek website ( While doing so, I learned a few interesting things that I never knew about SeaTrek untill now. For example, SeaTrek has a program called Pay It Shoreward. Along with being about removing lionfish, cleaning the beaches, etc., Pay it Shoreward also does donating! It feels good to give back to the community and help out.

I also learned a lot more about the Set Sail program and what it does. Set Sail is a 10-day program that serves as an introduction to SeaTrek’s full 3-week long voyages. During the Set Sail voyage, you will learn about sailing, snorkeling, marine biology, what it’s like living on a boat. You even get to do a “Try SCUBA” session with one of our dive instructors. Plus the students are getting to hike on different islands each day! As a SeaTrek student myself, one of my favorite parts of SeaTrek was exploring the different islands we went to.

From reviewing the SeaTrek website, I also learned was that SeaTrek is very different from any of the other sailing companies. SeaTrek takes a family approach to our programs and makes it a point to stay small enough so that everyone gets to know everyone else. SeaTrek goes at each individual student’s pace, making sure that each student learns a lot during the program and has fun while doing it. SeaTrek’s staff are also the best!

Christian practicing his neutral buoyancy!

Christian practicing his neutral buoyancy!

Overall being with SeaTrek BVI is a great way to spend the summer in a different and fun way. SeaTrek has inspired me to come back to SeaTrek as an intern. I am looking forward to going back to the British Virgin Islands and spreading my knowledge with other students and to make sure that they have a great experience, just as I have. That’s the reason I’m so excited to be a ShIP intern this summer.

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  1. Angie Cowan says:

    Thanks for sharing, Christian! Can’t wait to work with you this summer 🙂

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