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Passion + Adventure + Independence = SeaTrek BVI

January 10th, 2016 by Seatrek Staff Member, Jenna Steele | 1 Comment

This Island Times blog entry is part of a series of personal essays illustrating how SeaTrek has impacted the lives of our students and staff. We thank Jenna Steele, former student, ShIP intern and staff member, for this insightful look into her experience with SeaTrek BVI.


Jenna during her DMC training

Jenna during her NAUI DMC training

My passion has always been scuba diving. When I was eleven years old I began my first year as a student at SeaTrek BVI. I immediately fell in love with the lifestyle of living on a boat and diving every day; I have gone back every summer since.

When I filled out my application to be an intern with SeaTrek’s ShIP program, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. During my first week on the job, I worked harder than I ever imagined possible; however it was also more rewarding than I ever imagined. I was told to always have a smile on my face, do my best, and create memorable relationships with my students. I soon found that this was not as hard of a task as it may seem. It was my job to help run a boat and look after students who, like me in years past, were exploring their passion for diving, sailing, and marine science. Although there was an adjustment period, I got used to the demands of the job, and I soon realized what my job was really about.

It is rare, as a teenager, to be able to work in an industry that you love and to help others grow. The majority of the time I was cooking meals, helping students, or prepping for the day’s activities. Although this left me with little time to enjoy the view of the islands, I didn’t care. My work and perspective is what allowed me to impart in my students the ability to discover the enchanting underwater world. Being able to impact their lives and help them grow is what makes my job rewarding and what made me realize that I want to impact other people’s experiences for the rest of my life.

Jenna on deck watch!

Jenna on deck watch!

Sharing my passion is what made me who I am today. For this, I have SeaTrek to thank. I have learned so much about myself while working for SeaTrek. I have learned that teaching and helping others makes me happy as well. One of my favorite memories is when I see my students surface from the ocean with so much excitement and countless stories to tell about what they saw. I do everything I can to make their summers memorable because I can recall how my summers as a student shaped who I have become. So I gladly step aside and allow my students to have a similar experience.

My parents always boast about my “independence” and wonder where I attained the ability to be so confident in myself and how I became so independent. I believe I have SeaTrek to thank for this. When I was eleven years old and I first came to SeaTrek, I didn’t know anyone, and I could hardly tell you what a snorkel was. I had never been on a boat and was just excited for a new experience. I left with lifelong friends and passions. I’ve learned so much about myself through SeaTrek. Inspiring and supporting my passion for diving and the ocean has encouraged me to explore other things on my own as well. Through SeaTrek, I traveled a little bit off the path that would have been set for me, and it made me realize that there is so much to learn and explore. I credit SeaTrek for imparting in me a sense of adventure, independence and passion.

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  1. Angie Cowan says:

    This is great, Jenna! Thanks so much for sharing your SeaTrek experience!

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