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October 20th, 2014 by Seatrek Staff | 1 Comment

After its start in 2003, SeaTrek’s voyages in the British Virgin Islands had begun to really take off. Students returned for multiple voyages to participate in the exceptional scuba, sailing, and marine science training afforded by SeaTrek and its engaging and expert staff. Capt. Monk and Capt. Kat had been discussing how they might meet the growing demand for SeaTrek programs, especially those for their returning students who were not necessarily looking for more dive classes but wanted to simply get lost in diving and exploring the tropical wonderland of the Caribbean, including islands beyond the BVI.

Around the same time, Capt. Monk had a chance encounter with a buddy he had worked with in the Bahamas back in the day. Come to find out, Capt. Ray was now running dive charters throughout the Bahamas on his own 65-ft. sailing sloop, the Avalon. Without hesitation, Monk hopped a plane down to visit Capt. Ray and check out the Avalon. He was impressed and saw an opportunity to grow SeaTrek and provide his students with even more adventure. So began the Bahamas Explorer voyage, which has been and continues to be one of SeaTrek’s most popular voyages.

The 21-day Bahamas Explorer trip allows participants to choose the itinerary and how they want to spend their time in their very own tropical playground – diving, fishing, hiking, swimming, sailing, exploring, or just relaxing. The Bahamas Explorer voyage is one of a kind and truly off the beaten path. Voyages aboard the Avalon will open students’ eyes to the wonders of the ocean in new and exciting ways.

Participants experience the joy of blue water sailing, personal encounters with playful dolphins, exploring limestone caves (grottos), and the excitement of drift and wreck diving, as well as several dives with reef sharks. In addition to world-class diving and sailing, fishing (trolling and spearing) is a favorite activity aboard the Avalon. Imagine working with the onboard chef to filet, cook and eat the catch of the day, including tuna, mahi mahi, and wahoo.

This trip fills fast! We only have a couple spots remaining for our 2015 voyage. Don’t get left sitting on the dock. Register for this voyage online or find out more by contacting Capt. Monk:    1-(877) GO SAILING (467-2454)

And just in case you’re still not 100% convinced to join us for this ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME, take it from some of our past Bahamas Explorer students and staff:

Ben Yampolsky:

The Bahamas Explorer was a great trip. The diving was spectacular, better even than the BVI! I met some fantastic new people, and got to know old SeaTrek friends even better. It really was an amazing experience!

 Tara Bouis:

I was the lead SeaTrek staff for the 2014 voyage and we had a blast!  Following the wind and the whim of the divers on board we dove more reefs, wrecks, and shark alley’s than you could ever imagine.  The students had free time during extended sails to hang out, play games, and really bond over the ever-changing scenery.  There was never a dull moment aboard the Avalon!  

Sydnie Collins:

I was on the Bahamas Explorer trip in 2014. The crew was amazing and everyone got along the whole trip. Every single day was a new experience. I looooved the shark dives so so much – even though some people on my trip were a little scared to go into the water with them, they came out loving it as well. I enjoyed learning about how spearfishing can help the local marine environment by catching, dissecting and removing the beautiful, yet dangerous, lionfish. I truly loved every experience involved with the trip: hiking, fishing, amazing meals, bluehole dives, exploring the culture, and thrilling jumps in the underwater caves. Overall I would recommend this experience to anyone who is seeking adventure and new experiences with new people and amazing dives. 

 Jenna Steele:

As a student I remember how much I loved the freedom of the schedule. One of my years we all loved diving and did over 48 dives in 3 weeks! The shark dives were outstanding, and I will always love Diamond and Danger Reefs. The wall dives allowed us to see creatures of the deeper ocean – even a hammerhead shark!

 Jonah Kasallis:

I absolutely loved the Bahamas Explorer trip!  The diving was fantastic and the islands were beautiful!  Captain Ray and his crew on the Avalon made my experience unforgettable.  

 Tom Welch:

My Bahamas experience was unlike any other I will or have ever had. To start the water was clearer than ever. The wildlife was spectacular, and having sharks around really made each splash into the water exhilarating. I actually lost my fear of sharks. They are like bees; as long as you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you. The shipwrecks were spectacular. The coral reefs in the Bahamas were unbelievably healthy and complex. Sometimes you would find yourself scuba diving into 20 or 30-ft. crevasses. Exploring these tunnels and swim throughs made me feel like a professional scuba diver and helped me gain confidence to explore the unknown. The Avalon was very luxurious, with air conditioning, showers, icemakers, large fridges, a desalinator, a cook, a dive instructor to maintain gear and lead us, and a very good weather system. The best part, however, was how we caught fresh food almost every day. Overall the Bahamas Explorer trip was an unforgettable experience that

I wouldn’t trade for in a lifetime.

 Evan Spanner:

As a student that has been on the Bahamas FATHOMS trip, I can say that it is truly an amazing trip. Everything that I was able to experience and get to do really strengthened why I think SeaTrek is such a great program. On the Bahamas FATHOMS I really enjoyed getting to go in depth with the science I was learning about. There is no other place on Earth where I will be able to hold and tag a juvenile lemon shark. To me that is an experience that no place other than SeaTrek can provide.

 Carson Cline:

SeaTrek in the Bahamas… I personally have been a student and staff in the BVI, as well as a student in the Bahamas and let me say it is an astounding place. The Bahamas trip not only allowed me to experience a new area and culture of the world but also allowed me to become interconnected with the ocean at a whole new level. The different shades of blue throughout the region, the quality and diversity of life (including sharks), and the fishing made it quite the adventure. I encourage anyone who is up for an exhilarating summer to check it out!

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