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Who Wants Stickers?!

February 10th, 2022 by Seatrek Staff |

Art by Sophia Wilbourn

From the high seas to high school, SeaTrek students like to show off their creative side. So each year, we seem to commemorate another big SeaTrek moment with custom stickers​ from Sticker Mule​. From the daunting and scorching hike up MaJohnny hill to catching your first turtle to aid in the British Virgin Islands conservation efforts, Sticker Mule helps us celebrate each moment. Our talented art enthusiasts create top-notch designs to commemorate these moments. In addition, those of us who may falter in the art room can show off our creative side by decorating our water bottles, laptops, and more to show off our costume styles and interest. 

As a program director, I am always on my computer, answering emails and sorting details to ensure a smooth sail over the summer, and as someone who is always on the move, I may work at coffee shops, hotels, or home. My stickers allow me to express my style and interest. So I have covered my device in stickers from dinghy license to company pride. Each sticker is special to me and has its own story. They also are great conversation starts. Over the years, it allowed me to meet like-minded individuals, introduce students to the world of scuba and sailing and gain a few new coworkers. 

Stickers allow us to show our passions, leave our mark or expand our networks. If you are interested in creating custom stickers, check out the Sticker Mules website to learn how easy it is to get started. 

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