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The Little Things Were Huge To Me

November 10th, 2013 by Alexandra |

My name is Alex and I’m a 2014 ShIP intern for SeaTrek. I thought I would share with our Island Times readers my first thoughts during my very first dive several years ago. This experience is what led me to eventually decide to apply for an internship with SeaTrek.
Maybe some of you will relate!

Upon jumping into the sea for the first time and just staring at the water in front of me, I realized how much life there was around me. There were more creatures in front of me than I could count, and that was only including the ones I could see. If you think about it, the Caribbean Sea isn’t just water, but rather a vast pool of life. For every cubic centimeter of water there are enough creatures to outnumber humans hundreds to one, and then some. In that  moment, thinking about the amount of life in a cubic centimeter of water, and the number of cubic centimeters that make up the sea, I felt truly insignificant, but in the best of ways.

Cover photo credit: Dr. Seuss

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