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Shop 'Til We Drop!

April 20th, 2013 by Captain Monk |

It’s Shopping Time!  Every year at about this time we gather up as many willing souls as we can and hit up the local food stores! We are talking Mega-Shopping that turns heads and gets people talking! Like everything else about SeaTrek, it’s an adventure!

This year Sophie, Maris, Lauren and Sarah-Jayne along with Captains Kat, Kris and myself answered the call to brave the craziness as we swarmed the food stores! Sam’s, Walmart, Gordon’s and Bueches have become our go-to places for the last several years. All told we’ll send down 8 pallets of non-perishable food by freight (to Miami) and boat (from Miami to Tortola). It takes a bit of logistics and luck for everything to come together. Over the years we have had to deal with a flooded warehouse, a storm that delayed the boat coming from Miami and cantankerous customs folks! Yikes!
Fun, fun, fun as we prepare for another fantastic summer with SeaTrek!

For a picture of our warehouse as it fills up with this summer’s supplies, check out this entry on our Facebook page:

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