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SeaTrek Fall Happenings

September 14th, 2013 by Capt. Monk |

Hi all, Capt. Monk here. After such a busy summer things are finally starting to settle a little. Man has it been a mad house around here in recent weeks though; Kat and the boys are back into the full swing of school as I am sure most of you are:):)  Kaleb has joined Micah in Boy Scouts and I’m so proud of them both. You should see them in their uniforms :):) Boy Scout popcorn sales will rule the house soon. Popcorn anyone? :):) Capt. Kris is even back to school- taking classes now as he works towards his master’s degree. (continued…)

And I bet you can’t guess what this Thursday is. Yarrrr! Our favorite holiday- That’s right! Thursday, Sept. 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Capt. Kris and I fully expect some great posts on the SeaTrek facebook wall written in Pirate Speak!

As far as SeaTrek news goes, I’m glad to report that sign ups have been through the roof since we got home with many of you taking advantage of the Early Pricing Specials for August and September. It’s great to know that a whole pile of you guys will be seeing your friends again next summer. The 21-Day Bahamas Explorer Voyage is almost full as is the BVI Explorer Voyage. If you have been on the fence about either of these trips then now is the time to call/email…You snooze you lose! Yarrr!
The BVIs are also a hot item…a couple of our boats are already at 50% capacity with everyone wanting to continue their SCUBA education! We’re so proud of the level of scuba skills you’ve all achieved! Our science program continues to attract a lot of attention with many of you participating in the Turtle Tagging Project. Next year is already gearing up to be very active for our science team. We are adding a second tagging boat which will allow for more involvement on your part. Additionally, we have purchased 2 more Plankton Lights…these things really light up the water at night bringing in lots of marine activity.
As you all know we started a new FATHOMS Program in the Bahamas. Not only did everyone have a great time but they even managed to learn something. (Imagine that!) Take some time and read thru Angie’s Science Blog. Keep in mind that if you decide to join her you will be required to learn something (Oh no!) :):)
Don’t forget that photos from this past summer are posted here. Austin, Angie, Spencer and crew did their best to get good photos posted for you guys. As always we had to deal with poor internet service but personally I think they all deserve a round of applause and a heartfelt thank you for their hard work.
Certification cards will go out in October. If you need proof of certification earlier just email me and I will send you a temporary card. Also community service letters will be going out soon. Angie is in the process getting them all finalized.

Students, if you have a great story or feel like your experience with SeaTrek this summer has had a particularly profound impact on how your Fall season has started (or on how you approach life, friends, school, adventure, diving or other aspects of your life), and you’d like to share it with the SeaTrek family, write up your story and send it in. We just might publish it right here in our Island Times blog! Let’s hear from you guys!

Let me know if you have any questions,
Monk and crew:):)

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