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Rainy Day Learning

July 18th, 2013 by SeaTrek Staff |

Yesterday was a good day to be inside waiting out the rain. (continued…)

The students were divided up into their focus project teams—patch reefs, flats/mangroves, sharks – and began preparing for their days in the field. Working with the CEI researchers who would be leading them, the teams learned more about their projects and began developing research questions, hypotheses and methodologies. It was really fun for me to take on more of an observer role and watch the science and learning unfold – what a fantastic experience for these young people to be experiencing the process of science in such an authentic, hands-on manner. I’m certain that they are learning and experiencing things that they will not soon forget. The rain finally subsided later in the afternoon, just in time for us to play some ocean water polo before dinner – what fun! After dinner we went back onto the CEI campus for a graduate student lecture about the shark research that has been conducted in the Bahamas. It was really interesting and a good opportunity for our students to see what would be in store for them if they pursue a career in marine sciences. Before we knew it, we were winding down and off to bed.

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