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September 28th, 2014 by Angie Cowan (Dr. Chippy) |

This Island Times blog entry focuses on the heart and soul of SeaTrek BVI – former students who have evolved into our highly qualified and dedicated staff. To all of you, we say “THANK YOU!”

 The following is an excerpt of the NAUI Sources article, “SeaTrek BVI: A Unique Family of Committed NAUI People,” published in the 2014, 3rd Quarter Issue. Click here to view the complete article.

 SeaTrek BVI is a family-owned at sea teen summer camp that affords its participants exceptional training in SCUBA, sailing and marine science throughout the British Virgin Islands and other tropical locations. SeaTrek students experience the islands as crew of live aboard catamarans that serve as their homes and mobile classrooms during SeaTrek’s two- and three-week long voyages. Since its inaugural voyage in 2003, SeaTrek has taught countless sailing courses, certified dozens of NAUI SCUBA divers, and inspired many students to pursue careers in marine science and the dive industry.  

 While SeaTrek provides some of the highest quality SCUBA, sailing, and marine science instruction in the industry, what our students and staff gain from their experiences with us encompasses so much more. SeaTrek is all about personal and professional growth, setting and achieving goals, overcoming challenges and facing fears, learning the value of hard work and commitment, and sharing one’s self and one’s knowledge with others so that they too may enjoy the same benefits. That’s what we’re all about – hard work, dedication, and giving back. At SeaTrek, we call it “Paying it Shoreward.”

 I have greatly benefited from working for SeaTrek and with our staff and students over the years. Serving as the ShIP internship coordinator the past two years has been an especially rewarding and valuable learning experience for me. As one of our older and more senior staff, I get immense pleasure and satisfaction from being a part of the growth of our interns and younger staff members. I get to see them hone the skills necessary to become SeaTrek staff members. In fact, ninety-five percent of our paid staff positions are occupied by former students who went on to complete our ShIP internship program. Watching these young people grow in their leadership and develop into SeaTrek’s future scuba instructors, captains, and biologists is a truly rewarding experience.

 Captains and Instructor Trainers Ralph “Monk” Daniel, Kat Daniel, and Kris Kordyzon are the cornerstone and founders of SeaTrek BVI. They work relentlessly to train, mentor, and support SeaTrek students and interns, preparing them for positions as SeaTrek staff members and industry professionals at the top of their field. Rather than taking my word for it, we thought it best to hear it directly from them. The following biographies were written by several of our staff members who have worked very hard to become the highly qualified captains, dive leaders, and biologists who make SeaTrek what it is today – a product of the effort, training, and commitment that Capt. Monk, Capt. Kat, and Capt. Kris have put into SeaTrek and the hundreds of students who have voyaged with us.

 You can find out more about SeaTrek BVI’s programs on our website and Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you and perhaps sailing and diving with you in the future!   

 Our 2015 voyages are filling up fast. Don’t miss out! For additional information or to check on availability, please contact SeaTrek’s Director of Operations, Capt. Monk Daniel directly:  or  1-877-467-2454.


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