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Let Us Discuss Lettuce

July 15th, 2013 by SeaTrek Staff |

Today was our first day at the Cape Eleuthera Institute, and it did not disappoint.

The students were very excited to learn more about the facilities and research being conducted there. Two of the CEI staff members (Meredith and Liz) greeted us and toured us around the facility. They are exceptional at what they do and quickly won over our students. After our orientation and tour, we learned more about the aquaponics system, a combination of aquaculture (tilapia) and hydroponics (lettuces and herbs). It is a closed system that uses 90% less water and produces lettuces 30% faster than traditional agriculture. After learning about the sustainable aspects of this system, students helped out by placing some of the young lettuce sprouts into the new aquaponics pool. After lunch we headed to the garden to learn more about sustainable farming and agroecology. Students were then given the task of designing and planting a specific plot within the garden. It was getting hot and late in the day so it was the perfect time to enjoy a snorkel through a nearby mangrove creek. By timing the snorkel with the outgoing tide, we were able to float along with very little effort. This was a really unique experience for our students, and they enjoyed it very much. After a long, learning-filled day of farmin’ and floatin’, we decided to lay low and hang out and play cards after dinner. We’ve got another big day tomorrow…can’t wait!

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