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Biologist’s Log: June 25, 2013

June 26th, 2013 by SeaTrek Staff |

This was definitely one of our most jam-packed days yet. We woke up early and headed to Cane Garden Bay on the north shore of Tortola (continued…)

While the boat got cleaned, fueled up and reprovisioned, the group took a trip up the hill to the Good Moon Farm, a local organic farm. Our second guest lecturer, Stuart Weiss, an agroecologist from the University of the Virgin Islands – St. Croix, joined us and shared his insight/expertise related to agroecology and sustainability, with a focus on tropical island systems. We discussed how pH and nutrient levels impact and reflect soil health and productivity. We also sampled several local/tropical fruits and vegetables and discussed the impact of human population growth and unsustainable agricultural practices. Then we met up with the boat for a dive at Brewers Bay. We had a great dive that included a neat swim through. After dinner, we prepared for our night dive, also at Brewers Bay. For half of our students this was their first time diving at night. It was good fun! After the dive, Stuart and Capt. Chance had some delicious hot chocolate waiting for us – they even made use of the coconuts and cinnamon we harvested from the organic farm. We ended the night with some “lights out” star viewing and spooky story telling time led by Captain Chance. It wasn’t long before the students were sound asleep and ready for some well-deserved zzzzzzzzzzzz’s.

(sunflower photo credit: Good Moon Farm)

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