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January Update

January 4th, 2014 by Capt. Monk |

Hi all,
The New Year is upon us!  I hope everyone had a safe and joyous Christmas Holiday….ours was a bit of a whirlwind but that is not unusual around here:):)  To welcome in the New Year we did a balloon drop for the boys from the loft along with Poppers and Sparkling Grape Juice.  They enjoyed being allowed to stay up and welcome in the New Year for the 1st time:):)

Just wanted to put out a few quick reminders to everyone:
Flights – Please remember to run your flight info by me before booking … even if you are booking thru our travel lady, Dede Thea – Travel – 800-466-4603 ext. 5657, and to send me a copy once you have confirmed it. Note: You are responsible for confirming flights and keeping us updated to any changes.  This includes baggage transfers and un-escorted minors traveling.  Make sure the airlines Code Share and that they will transfer un-escorted minors.
Paperwork – We are still missing paperwork from some folks….we must have your registration form (which is found online at this link.) We also need your TravMark Form and NAUI Student Information Folder.  Links to all forms can be found here.
Know Before You Go & need To Do Website Pages –  We have added something new to the website….”Know Before You Go” and need “To Do” pages.  The idea here is to answer last minute questions and to help alleviate the multiple informational emails that are usually sent out in May.  If you old timers think of anything that we should add please don’t hesitate to let us know.  We are constantly looking for ways to make things better.
Program Fees – Individual reminders will be sent out later this week. Remember 1/2 of your balance is due Feb 1st and the remaining 1/2 is due on March 15th.  Please make checks out to SeaTrek BVI not to Capt. Monk:):)  There will be a late fee aplied unless previous arrangements have been made thru the office.
BVI Main Program Science Projects –  Check it out.
For FATHOMS project info, see next section below.
As you may or may not remember you have several options available to you in regards to the science program.
Option 1.  Participate in the presentations and activities that are part of our main program itinerary. Along with all main program students, you will attend presentations and get a general overview of various marine science topics as well as some hands on experience.
Option 2.  Participate for fun or community service credit as a volunteer and help students that are doing projects….you’ll get your hands dirty but you don’t have to do any homework:):)
Option 3.  Do a science project…either for community service credit or academic credit. This entails doing some ground work and getting your hands dirty.  One of our biologists will work directly with you to answer your questions through hands on activities and investigations.
If you’re interested in Options 2 and 3 and you want to receive any type of credit (community service or academic), you must contact us so we have you on our list to participate. So please contact Angie and let her know which project(s) you want to be involved in. IMPORTANT – For credit you have to clear it with your school ahead of time.  We cannot guarantee school credit because all schools have different rules and criteria, but we will assist in any way possible to make it happen for you. Visit the site to find out more about earning academic credit.
BVI FATHOMS Science Projects
This program has several science projects and activities already built into the itinerary. Go to the FATHOMS page to find out more about these exciting projects. After signing up for BVI FATHOMS, Angie will email you a short questionnaire that will outline your project and credit options. Just answer the questions, return them to Angie, and you’ll be good to go!
FATHOMS Academic Credit and Specialty Course Certification Options – The FATHOMS BVI and Bahamas programs give you additional options for earning academic credit and dive specialty certifications. Use this link  to find out more about earning academic credit. The two dive specialty courses offered are the 1) Introduction to Scientific Diving Principles and Skills for Research in Coral Reef Habitats and 2) Marine Heritage Awareness. If you are interested in any of these options, contact Angie to find out more.

 Optional Sailing Classes – in the BVI only….as you all know we live on sailboats and you will have the opportunity to learn sailing:):)  For those of you that want to do and know more you have the option of participating in the ASA Sailing Course 101.  This is an optional class and incurs additional fees ($400).  It includes academics, additional hands on experience and certification.  These classes are scheduled so as not to interfere with any other activities.
Photograpy Specialty– We will also be offering – the NAUI U/W Photo Specialty as an option ($200) again this summer in the BVI/Bahamas.  This course will introduce you to the basics of Underwater Photography.  We supply the camera…you supply 6 to 8 AA batteries (AAA if doing Bahamas Voyage) and a SD (2 gb or less) Flash Card.  We must know before May 15th if you wish to participate in either the ASA Course or Photo Specialty.
Let me know if you have any questions,
Capt. Monk:):)

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