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FATHOMS Science Camp Marine Biologist Log Day 2

June 26th, 2021 by Seatrek Staff |

By Avery K., SeaTrek FATHOMS student

We got acquainted with our boat, which is named Aboat Time and is from Norway. We learned all the secret tips and tricks for living on a boat – where to fill water bottles, how to hang wet clothes on the line, and where we can jump off the boat. We motored to Brewers Bay, Tortola, and we left the dock in pouring rain. The boat ride to Brewers Bay was super rocky and we were showered with water, both from the sea and rain. We sat on the tarp at the bow so every time the waves rocked the boat we were splashed by the waves, then the next minute were poured on by rain. That didn’t stop our group (self-named the Golden Groupers) from sitting on the bow and feeling the storm roll by. The weather changed about ten times on the boat ride, from crazy harsh winds to intense sun, then it would rain cats and dogs and ten seconds later it would be sunny again. We made it to our home for the night and we did a quick dive to review scuba skills, and snorkeled to prove we can tread and swim (we can!). Then we took sea showers and learned about the history of the USVI and BVI and how culture affects the way science is done. We put a green plankton lightsaber in the water and it attracted all of these fish. Super cool fish, tarpon, were attracted by the small fish who were attracted by the plankton which were attracted to the light because they are primary producers. The fish were about this big [———————————]. Then we went to bed. 

SeaTrek FATHOMS marine science students waking up, refreshed to start a new day.

Waking up, refreshed to start a new day.


SeaTrek FATHOMS students deploying the green light to look at food chains and plankton - marine science !

The plankton light is cool because it attracts a lot- but Julian and Darius are even cooler because they can catch the fish for brief observation before safe release.

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