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Eels and Lobster and Squid, Oh My!

August 7th, 2013 by Seatrek Staff |

Today we continued our Coral Monitoring Specialty Course training at the islands of Jost Van Dyke.

During two different dives, students measured live coral coverage using both transects and quadrats. They also noted areas of bleached/diseased coral. The students are doing well with the specialty course and have improved in their buoyancy control, multi-tasking, and underwater communication skills – all of which are basic and essential skills to becoming an advanced SCUBA diver. Later in the afternoon we went explored Sandy Cay, a Marine Protected Area and Nature Reserve where invasive rats, mongoose and feral cats have been eradicated, leaving behind thriving bird and lizard populations. After fueling up with a yummy dinner cooked by our students, guest lecturer Marcia Taylor did a presentation about bioluminescence and then we all went on an awesome night snorkel. We saw all kinds of marine creatures, including an eel, a turtle, two octopi, a lobster, squid, crabs, and several different fish. Capt. Chance then played some songs on the ukulele while students enjoyed some homemade hot chocolate. What a fantastic day!!!

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