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Diving the R.M.S Rhone

June 29th, 2017 by Seatrek Staff |

Rachael has been with SeaTrek since 2015 and will participating in SeaTrek’s ShIP program this summer. She truly loves everything about Seatrek! From laughing while plunging after dinner, to the enchanting creatures seen on night dives, every moment at SeaTrek is her favorite.  We thank Rachael for her insightful look into her favorite BVI site.

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There is nothing I enjoy more than exploring the underwater world via scuba diving. Something about the way time slows and bubbles swirl above your head creates a truly amazing experience. The first time I took a breath underwater I was smitten, since then I have been fortunate enough to dive everywhere from freshwater lakes in Texas to the dazzling azure waters of the Bahamas. While these were incredibly fascinating dives, the most valuable diving experiences I’ve had occurred during my time in the BVI, with SeaTrek.


As of yet, I have not experienced anything as magical as diving the bow section of the RMS Rhone. Once a bustling and innovative sail steamer, this royal ship met her fate at the hands of a nasty hurricane. The Rhone was blindsided by the second wave of the hurricane and thrusted into Black Rock Point. Hot boilers clashed with cold seawater and exploded. The ship, now severed in half sank swiftly, leaving only 23 survivors of 146 original passengers. Many of the less fortunate are buried on the nearby Salt Island. Which concluded the demise of the mighty RMS Rhone. Now, a century and a half later, the site is National Park and enjoyed by many divers from around the globe, including participants of SeaTrek! I will never forget first my experience at this breathtaking site.



During our dive briefing we learned that this wreck sat around 80ft. The dive plan was to decend, swim through the inside of the wreck, explore the outside of the ship, then make a slow and safe ascent. At this time I was finally permitted to dive past 60 feet, which was a groundbreaking moment for me in itself. I remember feeling nervous as we prepared for the dive, especially the swim-through.  We geared up, got in the water, and made our way towards the descent point at the bow of the SeaTrek Catamaran.


We made a slow and controlled descent and as the RMS Rhone came into view in all her magnificent glory. A feeling of awe overcame me. I followed the instructor closely as we approached the entrance site of the swim-through. The somewhat dark interior made my heart beat rapidly as I clung to the thin line guiding us through the opening of the wreck. With every exhale bubbles floated to the large cloud trapped on the ceiling. Time slowed further with every breath I took. I focused on the bright exit that was visible throughout and barely noticed the light trickling through every crevice in the wreck. Upon exit a large school of silver fish played over our heads, I was beside myself.


The feeling this dive gave me was surreal, never before had I felt more like a mermaid. I wouldn’t trade this incredible experience for anything in the world. I knew that short moment was something I would cherish for the rest of my life.


SeaTrek and it’s incredible staff allow for breathtaking moments like mine on the RMS Rhone. This just goes to prove it is not your average summer camp. You simply cannot add a price tag to memories and moments like this.  SeaTrek is a place to make unforgettable memories while exploring and learning more about the alluring world we inhabit.

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