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Continuing NAUI Leadership After SeaTrek BVI

March 5th, 2018 by Seatrek Staff |

Sabrina Michael and Lilah Wiener are two longtime faces with SeaTrek BVI. After starting their NAUI Instructor Courses with SeaTrek BVI, they both returned home to complete the program and become NAUI Instructors. We are so proud of these ladies for completing the NAUI ITC course and cannot wait to see how they continue their journeys with NAUI Leadership!


“NAUI leadership and Instructor training are founded in the “Loved One” concept. This means that it is only those we would trust to train our loved ones to dive that we graduate for leadership and instructor certification. That’s why I love NAUI. NAUI ITC makes sure their instructors in training are fully prepared to teach students the necessary tools to understand how to dive responsibly. So, they can have a blast exploring the ocean’s depths. None of this is possible without teaching excellence. NAUI’s ultimate goal is to reduce risk in diving. Through hard work, I would not have trained with anyone else as NAUI has and continues to encourage both its instructors and students to continue their education and practice of scuba diving.”
-Lilah Wiener

“I began my scuba diving journey with NAUI and SeaTrek and couldn’t have imagined finishing my ITC with anyone except for NAUI. The NAUI course directors encourage and guide you to be the best you can be, they also allow you to develop your own teaching style, which is important to me. I’m a biologist, therefore I love how science and marine conservation is incorporated into NAUI courses.”
-Sabrina Michael

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