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Community Service Day

July 23rd, 2013 by SeaTrek Staff |

Service Learning with a Smile!

Today we took a break from our research projects to do some diving and community service. After breakfast we did a cool wall dive and saw another shark, an eel, and some black coral species that are only found in deeper water. After our dive we met up with our CEI friends and headed to the town of Rock Sound to do some trash pick up and trail clearing at their Blue Hole Park. It was really fun to give back and learn more about the community – not to mention getting a little dirty and then cooling off with some jumping and swimming in the Blue Hole. A few of the local students even joined in the fun. Afterwards we spent a little time at the nearby grocery store where we each got a few treats/drinks and made use of the free internet access. Then it was back to the boat for a night dive. This was yet another fun-filled, action-packed day!

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