Engaging Educators

SeaTrek BVI is education through experience

Please contact us if you are interested in applying to be an Engaging Educator this upcoming summer. Best of luck to all of our outstanding applicants!

We offer a variety of three-week tropical adventure and service-learning programs for teens, all of which are designed to foster personal growth and skill development. While living aboard our sailing catamarans, students learn first-hand how to sail, scuba dive, explore the marine environment, and work together to accomplish a range of tasks.

SeaTrek BVI’s Engaging Educators program aims to provide middle and high school teachers with opportunities to participate in SeaTrek’s scuba, sailing and marine science adventures in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). As an Engaging Educators participant, classroom teachers join our dedicated and knowledgeable staff to provide guidance and instruction in every aspect of the voyage—from raising the sails and identifying fish species to cooking dinner and taking underwater photos.

Imagine spending 2 weeks of your summer teaching and learning content and skills relevant to marine science, cultural studies, conservation, scuba diving and sailing. The hope is that this enrichment experience will enhance your curriculum and inspire you to engage your own students and learning communities in ocean literacy, conservation, team building, and experiential and service learning opportunities.

At SeaTrek, adventure, education and discovery abound. Goals are met. Friendships are formed. Dreams come true.

To learn more about this program and how to apply please email Capt. Monk.

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