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5 Tips to Tame Your Mermaid Hair While Scuba Diving

March 13th, 2018 by Kasey Fox |

As a self-proclaimed mermaid, I am always dreaming of tousled beach waves for my locks. But as a diver, I know the unfortunate truth of scuba diving… It is especially rough on the hair.  After many years of diving at SeaTrek, I have come up with my top five tips to manage that precious mermaid hair while scuba diving.


  1. Slap Strap:

The Slap Strap is my number one hair saver. These neoprene mask straps slide perfectly over the back of your head. The traditional silicon mask straps are notorious for ripping out hair. You can get my favorite one here


  1. Hoo-rag:

I am a new fan of the hoo-rag, but these things are seriously awesome! Not only can you keep your hair out of your face while diving, you can use these babies above the surface too. They are great to wear around your neck to keep the sun off, or to protect your face from the wind while sailing. I have even used my SeaTrek BVI hoo-rag while skiing! The uses are endless.


  1. Leave in Conditioner:

Whenever you get out from a dive, I highly recommend using a good eco-conscious leave in conditioner. Saltwater can dry out the hair, so moisturizing is key🔑! Stream2Sea has a great biodegradable option. You can feel great about using this product because it is safe for the reefs! Follow this link for a 10% discount and 20% donation to SeaTrek’s ocean conservation efforts and student scholarship fund:

  1. Brush it out:

This may seem like a no-brainer, but definitely, do not skip this step. I recommend a “wet brush” or a wide-toothed comb. These are both great for wet hair!

  1. Wear a hood:

This one is for all of the people who are constantly freezing while diving. Yeah, yeah… I know the BVI has some of the warmest bath-like water… but I still get cold! Not only does a hood provide loads of warmth, it is also a great way to manage your hair while diving.

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