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Our Staff
  • Captain Monk and Captain Kat Daniel

    Monk and Kat bring to SeaTrek a wealth of knowledge of sailing, scuba diving and youth education. They both hold U.S. Coast Guard 100-ton Masters Licenses, are NAUI Course Directors, and are First Aid, CPR, and DAN Oxygen Administration Instructors. Their combined experience on live-aboard dive vessels spans 40 years in locations including the Caymans, Honduras, Mexico, Florida, Australia, Costa Rica, and Hawaii.

    Captain Monk has over 25 years of experience on live-aboard dive vessels. He has developed and directed several student diving programs and served as a research diver and dive supervisor for Texas A&M University, San Jacinto College and the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.

    Captain Kat has a B.S. degree in Physical Geography and a M.Ed. in Elementary Education from the University of Michigan. She teaches math and science at a private school in Michigan while raising two active boys. She is an avid sailor, having years of experience running world-class live-aboard dive vessels.

  • Captain Colin "Farva" Jones
    Captain, Scuba Instructor/Instructor Trainer, Equipment Manager

    Captain Jones, aka Farva Jones, is a NAUI Instructor and Captain who has been with SeaTrek for the past 10 years. A California boy through and through, he is one of SeaTrek’s most experienced staff members. He has seen it all and is ready to pass on the experiences he’s acquired to any student or staff member. Always with a smile on his face and a joke to tell, he takes care of all manner of problems that come his way. Farva is well traveled, with many a story to tell about his adventures or things he has seen and experienced. There’s no telling where his adventures will take him next, but SeaTrek will always be a part of them.

  • Captain Angie Cowan
    Director of Marine Science, Scuba Instructor/Instructor Trainer, Media Manager

    Science, scuba, travel and education have defined Angie’s life and career. While earning a B.S. in Biology at Colorado State University, she spent two semesters studying marine biology, anthropology, and conservation in Australia and Belize. After working in experiential science education, Angie earned her Teaching Credential and M.A. in Teaching from UC-Irvine. In 2007 she became part of the SeaTrek family and a National Science Foundation GK-12 Fellow while earning her M.S. degree in Earth and Environmental Science at Indiana University where her research focused on algal ecology and water quality. Since 2010 she has worked with the National Geographic Society as a curriculum writer/reviewer. In 2014 she was hired as an adjunct faculty member with Indiana University Purdue University-Indianapolis and developed a Coastal Environments & Sustainability field course in the Virgin Islands. As long as she’s in, near or under the water, all is well in her world.

  • Captain Adam Smith
    Captain, Scuba Instructor/Instructor Trainer

    Captain Adam grew up on the coast of New Hampshire and is coming up on his tenth year with SeaTrek. He started sailing at the age of 5 and diving at 11, and loves the ocean more than anything. A NAUI instructor and a US Coast Guard captain, he splits his time between working in the dive industry in the Cayman Islands and attending the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, where he majors in economics and finance. Adam travels as much as he can, whether backpacking around Europe or visiting relatives in southeast Asia. He loves teaching about the underwater world and sailing and doesn’t mind where life takes him, as long as it’s out on the water.

  • Captain Austin Phillips
    Captain, Divemaster, Watersports Bossman

    A born and raised southerner, Captain Austin "Arkansas" Phillips is currently attending Hendrix college in Conway, AR where he is pursuing a B.A. in Environmental Studies. Ever since he was child, "Arkansas" has had a love for the outdoors and especially anything to do with water. In his spare time you can find him surfing endless waves on the many lakes of Arkansas or carving up the slopes of Colorado in the winter. On top of his duties as captain he is also a NAUI Divemaster and the Watersports Director here at SeaTrek. Later in life Austin would like to become a Ski Patroller as well as continue his career as a Captain.

  • Captain Allison Hill

    Captain Al (aka. "Big Al") is originally from Woodbridge, VA. She attended Messiah College in Pennsylvania where she earned her B.A. in Adventure Education with a minor in Psychology. Currently, she lives on St. John in the USVI and works for Pizza Pi, a food boat that sells pizza to boaters coming through the Caribbean. This summer will be her 2nd working with SeaTrek as a captain. She is passionate about teaching sailing and helping develop students into leaders. Last year she became a NAUI certified diver and is looking forward to earning more NAUI certifications through SeaTrek so she can continue to explore the ocean and experience all it has to offer!

  • Kasey "Kuku" Fox
    Program Director, Lead Scuba Instructor/Instructor Trainer, Internship Coordinator

    Kasey is our mountain girl residing in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. In the off season you can find her hiking, skiing, and enjoying the outdoors. She recently earned a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Colorado. Not only does she love all things science, she is also a NAUI Instructor Trainer. At SeaTrek she is our go to gal for all of our SCUBA courses. Kasey is not sure what her post grad life will entail, but she will be happy as long as her career involves being in or around the water!

  • Andrew “The Bos” Boswell
    Divemaster, First Mate

    “The Bos” has been with SeaTrek for nine years and is a certified NAUI Divemaster. He is a student at the University of Maine in Orono where he is studying English. Born in Dallas, Texas, he moved to Kennebunkport, Maine at the age of six and grew up exploring tide pools and scouring mud flats. He went through SeaTrek’s internship program in 2011. Bos has also been Capt. Monk’s first mate for three summers. In addition to his first mate duties, his favorite job at SeaTrek is teaching his students and fellow staff members all about the inner workings of the boats.

  • Krista Ransier, DSO
    Dive Safety Officer/Scuba Instructor

    Krista, aka "Dreads," is a cold water girl living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. When she was 13, Krista tried diving for the first time at SeaTrek and was hooked instantly. Since then she has become a NAUI Instructor and lead SeaTrek Explorer voyages in Belize and the Bahamas. During the off-season Krista has kept herself in the water over the years by diving with a volunteer dive team and participating in scientific diving and ice diving. She is SeaTrek's Dive Safety Officer and is in her last year of a B.Sc. Honors in Marine Biology and Ocean Sciences at Dalhousie University. When she graduates she hopes to be able to combine her passions for marine conservation and scuba diving - and to one day dive in Antarctica!

  • Meg Schumacher
    Scuba Instructor/Instructor Trainer, First Mate, EMT

    Meg was born and raised in Colorado but was certified as an open water diver at age 10 and enjoyed diving with her dad on vacation. When she quit competitive ski racing and training in the summer, she decided to find a scuba diving summer camp (SeaTrek BVI). Meg fell in love with SeaTrek her first summer and came back for more certifications for many years until she was finally a scuba instructor. She is now an instructor trainer and one of our EMTs on program. Meg lives in Chicago but is still passionate about getting to the ocean as often as possible.

  • Michael “Buzz” Cohen
    Scuba Instructor/Instructor Trainer, First Mate, EMT, Internship Coordinator

    Michael “Buzz” Cohen is a Midwesterner turned East Coaster. After growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Buzz currently lives in Washington, D.C. where he is a student at The George Washington University and pursuing a degree in International Affairs, focusing on global health and minoring in Emergency Health Services. Buzz has also been working as an EMT for the past three years and is active with the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad. Buzz is an avid diver and is passionate about instructing. This will be his sixth year with SeaTrek and he can’t wait to get down island!

  • Dakota Fenn
    Scuba Instructor/Instructor Trainer, First Mate

    Dakota comes to us from a town just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. From a very young age he was brought up with the ocean as a constant presence in his life and was taught to swim, snorkel and sail, all in the name of appreciating the ocean. Eventually, Dakota even learned to scuba dive, which drove him to try SeaTrek. After four years at SeaTrek, including two as a staff member, he become a NAUI Instructor, and there’s nothing that makes him happier than taking people diving for the first time and seeing the amazed look on their faces. He is sure that he has the same look on his own face every time too because diving is just that spectacular. Dakota also enjoys reading, hiking, biking, watching his Boston sports teams, and playing the guitar.

  • Savannah Passaretti
    Captain, Divemaster

    Savannah is from Saratoga Springs, New York and will be entering her 7th year with SeaTrek. As an intern in SeaTrek’s ShIP program, Savannah excelled and showed her strong leadership skills. She puts those skills to good use by becoming a NAUI Divemaster and a captain. At SeaTrek, Savannah's favorite activity is sailing. She also enjoys the hiking, and of course diving, too. Outside of Seatrek, Savannah is studying mechanical engineering at the University of New Hampshire.

  • Ally Marter
    Lead Biologist, Divemaster

    Ally comes to us from the small farm town of Pinconning, Michigan. Growing up fishing on Lake Huron, Ally has always loved boating and being near the water. She knew that she wanted to be a marine biologist since the third grade, and has been working towards that goal ever since. Attending SeaTrek as a student, her passion for the ocean and marine science was strengthened and refined. Returning as an intern, Ally discovered that the one thing she loved more than learning about the ocean was teaching others about it. Sharing her passion for marine science with the students through presentations, hikes, and snorkeling is Ally’s favorite part of working at SeaTrek. Ally is a skilled dive master and heads up the science team as our Lead Biologist. Ally is currently pursuing her degree in Marine Biology at the University of Tampa.

  • Andrea Contreras
    Biologist, Divemaster

    Andrea was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Since she was little she has loved snorkeling and scuba diving, and has been fascinated with the ocean and everything in it. She has worked with many conservation and education outreach programs in Puerto Rico, and will be working as a biologist at Sea Trek this year. She is currently attending Stanford University, where she plans to earn her degree in Oceanography/Ocean engineering. More than anything, she loves learning about and teaching all topics related to marine science!

  • Alex “Bucky” Buckner

    Bucky was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. He attended Christian Brothers High School in Memphis where he played football for four years and graduated in 2015. He now attends the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and is majoring in Biomedical Engineering and in the Fall of 2015 he pledged to the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Bucky has been with SeaTrek for three years, first as a student and then as an intern and full staff member. He loves the outdoors and spends most of his time fishing or cruising around Pickwick Lake in Mississippi. Bucky plans on attending Medical School after college and hopefully becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon to help athletes with injuries.

Captain Monk and Captain Kat Daniel
Captain Colin "Farva" Jones
Captain Angie Cowan
Captain Adam Smith
Captain Austin Phillips
Captain Allison Hill
Kasey "Kuku" Fox
Andrew “The Bos” Boswell
Krista Ransier, DSO
Meg Schumacher
Michael “Buzz” Cohen
Dakota Fenn
Savannah Passaretti
Ally Marter
Andrea Contreras
Alex “Bucky” Buckner

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