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Marine Science, Scuba & Sailing Adventure in the British Virgin Islands

Come aboard and join SeaTrek’s 11-day action-packed voyage – SET SAIL!  Spots are filling fast!

SeaTrek’s Set Sail voyage offers participants a Summer Camp At Sea adventure throughout the tropical paradise of the Caribbean’s British Virgin Islands. Students experience snorkelingsailing, and marine biology and even an introductory “Try Scuba” dive.

GO EXPLORE and immerse yourself in your Set Sail adventure of a lifetime!

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“There is no other way I would rather spend my summer!! Since my first voyage almost four years ago Sea Trek has felt like home, I have met amazing people, and have had great experiences, I can’t help but keep going back!

-Andrea C, SeaTrek student

“Seatrek has introduced me to so many wonderful people and has taught me so much. So lucky to have this experience.

-Lilah W, SeaTrek student

“SeaTrek was a wonderful learning experience that tied together pervious knowledge from school and used it in the real world. This fantastic experience gave me an opportunity to use that knowledge in multiple community service projects. SeaTrek was unforgettable!

-Jennifer H, SeaTrek student

“Perhaps the most fantastic experience I’ve had. If you appreciate great people, awesome places, and the ocean, this is where you should be.

-Dakota F, SeaTrek student

“This was by far the coolest most amazing experience. I learned so much and gained so much knowledge. I definitely recommend this trip to ANYBODY! Love the staff and have built great friendships here!

-Mary Kathryn W, SeaTrek student

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