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Scuba Diving & Sailing Adventure in the Bahamas

SeaTrek is excited to offer a brand NEW action-packed Bahamas Explorer voyage July 17-30, 2021.

Let SeaTrek guide you in creating a unique and adventure-filled itinerary exploring and scuba diving the tropical waters of the Bahamas. Enjoy fishing, exploring the islands, bonfires on the beach, snorkeling, and much more.

GO EXPLORE and immerse yourself in the adventure of a lifetime!

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“SeaTrek BVI has proved to be a life changing experience for Alyse. She returned with a new sense of confidence and independence that we have seen overflow into other areas of her life."

-Ralph F., Murphy, TX

“I had no idea that I would learn so much and get to know such inspiring people! Every day was filled with excitement and I have definitely made lifelong friends, and I recommend it to anyone wanting to have fun while learning!"

-Luisa D., Chicago, IL

“We looked at several other camps but after reading the stellar reviews, we knew SeaTrek was for Juliet. After talking with Captain Monk one time, we felt that we were sending her to extended family."

-Paulette G., New York, NY

“We got to delve deep into marine biology and BVI culture. It was really interesting to learn about something and then go there and learn about it by seeing it for yourself."

-Emily W., Lexington, MA

“SeaTrek is truly one of the best run camp adventures out there. Not only do the kids get to enjoy their beautiful surroundings, but they also learn more about life than they ever could at a traditional land-based camp."

-Edye B., Columbia, SC

“SeaTrek FATHOMS was a wonderful learning experience that tied together pervious knowledge from school and used it in the real world. SeaTrek was unforgettable!"

-Jennifer H., Issaquah, WA

“SeaTrek has made the past four years the most memorable and incredible summers of my life. The program takes students on a remarkable journey exploring the islands, the excitement of scuba diving and sailing, and most importantly the exploration of oneself."

-Nicole P., Princeton Junction, NJ

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