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Marine Science, Scuba & Sailing Adventure in the British Virgin Islands

SeaTrek is excited to invite you on its immersive, hands-on FATHOMS (Focused Adventure Through Hands On Marine Science) voyage June 15 – July 6.  Spots are filling fast!

Discover your inner marine biologist alongside SeaTrek scientists and scuba instructors. Explore above and below the tropical waters of the British Virgin Islands while living and conducting research aboard your very own floating lab (sailing catamaran). Enjoy scientific diving, water sports, turtle tagging, exploring remote beaches, snorkeling, meeting local islanders, and much more.

GO EXPLORE and immerse yourself in your FATHOMS marine biology adventure of a lifetime!

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“What a pleasure it was for me to work directly with keen young SeaTrek students who had a passion for the marine environment! They far surpassed our goals and expectations for the program and allowed us to expand the FATHOMS vision on the go, based on their abilities and skills. I think the FATHOMS program will give these future stewards of the oceans a terrific kick start into their future endeavors."

-Emma H, Guest Lecturer

“FATHOMS isn't just for future marine biologists. Everybody gets something out of it. Because everything in FATHOMS is hands-on and taught so well, it makes me, a future teacher, enthusiastic to share what I've learned with other people. FATHOMS is a one of a kind program and no matter who you are, you will take away from it a whole new world of exciting and unforgettable information, experiences, and friendships."

-Helene F, FATHOMS student

“FATHOMS was a wonderful learning experience that tied together pervious knowledge from school and used it in real world situations. This fantastic experience gave me an opportunity to use that knowledge in multiple community service projects. FATHOMS was unforgettable.”

-Jenn H, FATHOMS student

“We got to hang out with local kids and experience the culture of the islands. It was really hands-on learning. We learned about the different fish and corals and then we would actually go out and learn about them. My five week experience in FATHOMS was more educational then a semester of marine biology in high school."

-Kasey F, FATHOMS student

“If you have any interest in marine science, this is the program for you. FATHOMS offers students a unique opportunity to study the ocean in a life changing couple of weeks. This program has taught me a great deal about myself, as well. I now know that I want to spend my life researching because the ocean is what I am passionate about."

-Aly Y, FATHOMS student

“Since my first summer as a student, I thought that a boat dedicated to science could accomplish some really neat projects. Living on a boat in the Caribbean for three weeks surrounded by other aspiring scientists sounded like paradise. As I grew in the company and worked with the science staff, we made the dream of a FATHOMS science program become a reality."

-Chance R, FATHOMS Biologist

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