Paperwork & Forms

Welcome aboard! Now that you’re signed up and looking forward to your SeaTrek voyage, it’s time to complete some very important paperwork. After registering for your voyage, Captain Monk will email you with further instructions regarding the paperwork and forms you need to complete prior to voyaging.

Information about your voyage, including the forms you need to complete can be found below. Additional information can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions and Travel Information pages. Should you have questions, please contact Captain Monk at or +1-877-467-2454.

1. NAUI Student Record Folder – Follow this link to access and print the PDF. Next, fill in the appropriate blanks (highlighted) in BLUE INK and return it to us by mail (must be an original, NOT a copy) within 7 business days of registering. This folder is mandatory for participation in any SeaTrek water activities!

Notes:  a) If students are under the age of 18, a parent must fill out and sign.  b) On page 2, write the student’s name in the blank that follows “I”.  c) On page 2 (bottom), only the first section starting with “I have read this agreement….” needs to be filled out.  d) On page 3, in the Medical History Section, a  “Y” or “N” must be written and this section must be signed by both the participant and the parent or guardian.

2. SeaTrek Student Health Form – Follow this link to access, print and complete the form. Next, return the form to us by mail or email. The Health Form must be submitted to us upon registration. Updates can be submitted later by email.

3. Divers Alert Network Dive Accident Insurance – Follow this link to sign up for the required DAN membership and dive accident insurance. Please use Referral #1473868.

4. Camp/Travel Protection Insurance – Follow this link to complete the form and learn more about the Camp/Travel Protection Plan available through our recommended provider. While camp/travel protection insurance is not required, it is highly recommended.

5. CPR/First Aid Certification – For students participating in Trek 2Trek 3, Trek 3+, Trek 4, Trek 5, and Trek 6. proof of current CPR and First Aid Certification is required and can be sent to us via mail or email.

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